Unlimited Possibilities, Inc. (UPI) offers open enrollment courses and workshops/seminars for professional development and personal enrichment designed specifically for young adults and the elderly.  We promote lifelong learning.

Courses are flexibly scheduled for day or evening during weekdays and/or weekends.  Classes are held weekly at different locations based on the need.  Pre-registration is required. 

Computer Classes Offered:
1.  Introduction to Computers
2.  Microsoft Word
3.  Excel
4.  PowerPoint
5.  Emailing (Sending and Receiving)
6.  Surfing the Internet

Business Classes Offered:
1.  Team Building Skills
2.  Starting Your Own Business
3.  Building A Website or Webpage
Christian Studies:
       1.  "The Story of the Bible"
       2.  Christian Counseling

Classes are offered to individuals regardless of  age, race, creed,or religion; Upon completion a "Certificate of Completion" will be given to all individuals. So, come and take this journey...let your dream(s) become a reality.  There is no limit to what you can accomplish because the possibilities are unlimited.